College Football's Huge Opening Night!

CFP National Championship

20 notes worth noting...

1. College football begins with Austin Peay playing Central Arkansas Saturday. It's the Crampton Bowl in Montgomery, Alabama. The game is 9p on ESPN. Not ESPN The Ocho. ESPN!

2. Army has scheduled 12 games for this season, including a game with no set date. Army will play at Rice on a date to be determined. 

3. Kentucky is 34th in the AP Poll. When the next AP Poll comes out, the Wildcats will likely be inside the Top 25. Why? A total of nine teams in front of them are not playing fall football and will come out of the poll. The upward move might be the biggest ever for a team not playing a game.

4. The Marlins and Rays are tied for the league lead in attendance

5. The National League is batting .245 and the American League is hitting .239(through August 24th). In 1990, NL teams hit .256 and AL teams hit .259

6. Charlie Montoya, Derek Shelton, Chris Woodward. Correct! Managers of the Blue Jays, Pirates and Rangers. It's ok. No one else knew either.

7. $5 billion. Cost of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, who will not have fans when the Rams and Chargers play.

8. LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has a net worth of $72 billion. Jeff Bezos net worth is $196 billion

9. $5.7 million. Shaq's biggest salary in a season when he played for the Magic in 1996. In his NBA career, O'Neal made just over $292 million as a player.

10. NBA Coach of the Year Nick Nurse got his first head coaching job at the age of 23 when he took over at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa

11. When the New York Nets moved from the ABA to the NBA in 1976 during the merger, the Nets had to pay the Knicks a $4.8M encroachment fee. Without the cash on hand, the Nets used their only asset. They sold the contract of Julius Erving to the Sixers. After winning the ABA title, the team finished with the worst record in the league after losing Erving and then moved to New Jersey the following season.

12. Liberty University.......nope, not going there

13. Tiz The Law. Derby next week. Big favorite. Not the first Saturday in May. Wait til you get the Masters in November.

14. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is 5-foot-7

15. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 55-83-1 as a starter in the NFL

16. How many running backs rushed for 1,000 yards in 2019? 16 How many did in 1980? 8

17. Soccer star Lionel Messi wants to leave Barcelona. He has a release clause at $800 million. At the most, 2-3 teams could afford that and the Cowboys are not one of them

18. The 2022 World Cup is in Qatar, where average rainfall is 4 inches per year

19. American eat 1.5 million Big Macs a day

20. A household of 4 use on average 32 rolls of toilet paper a month. That number grows to 50 for the same family quarantined for a month.

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