NFL to Ban Cheerleaders, Mascots, and Other Groups From Sidelines in 2020

NFL games will look a lot different both on TV and in person. Some stadiums will have a limited capacity of fans while others won't allow any fans at all into the stadiums. Something else you won't see if you are able to attend a game is on-field entertainment. The NFL announced Wednesday that cheerleaders and mascots will be banned for the 2020 season as well as sideline reporters, flag-runners, and sideline fans and guests.

So who will be allowed on the sidelines besides players, coaches, and officials?

Via CBS Sports:

Each television network will be able to have essential employees at field level. Each broadcast network will be allowed to have up to 46 employees on the field for each game. Up to six employees from NFL Films will also be given field access. 

Teams will also be allowed to designate two employees to handle social media and owners can head down to field level as well while their team is playing.

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