"As Good a Chance As Any" - @ChrisVannini on UCF's CFB Playoff Chances

This season will be unlike any other in college football. The Pac-12 and Big Ten have already come out and said they will not play football in the spring while the conferences that are playing have modified their schedules.

One of the conferences that is playing is the American Athletic Conference where UCF resides. Chris Vannini was asked about UCF's chances to make the CFB Playoff with the absence of two of the Power 5 conferences, "I think this would be as good a chance as any. You'd probably have to go undefeated, you'd probably have to hope the SEC beats itself up with 10 conference games, but yeah this would be as good a chance as any."

Chris also hit on other topics such as eligibility for players and you can catch the podcast below.


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