Which No. 1 Seed is More Scared - the Bucks or the Lakers?

The Magic shocked the world yesterday as they beat the Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo in dominant fashion. The Lakers lost to the Blazers yesterday in a less dominant fashion, however this marks a first in 17 years. The last time the two one seeds lost in the first game of the playoffs was in the 2002-03 season when the Magic beat the Pistons and Phoenix beat San Antonio. The Magic would end up taking Detroit to a Game 7 but losing and San Antonio won the championship that year.

Here's the question now though, which No. 1 seed should be more scared? Honestly, both should be nervous. The Bucks and Lakers both went 3-5 inside the bubble (now 3-6). They have no momentum and both eighth seeds have hope, but let's be real here. The Bucks are taking on a broken down Magic team that got hot on one night. What's the saying? A broken clock is right twice a day. The Magic feel like they got lucky here.

The Lakers on the other hand? They are in TROUBLE. They are taking on a team that went 5-2 in the bubble and has the bubble MVP on the team. They are HOT, they have momentum, and combine that with the Lakers' bubble troubles, it does not look good for LeBron and the crew.

What do you think?

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