Marc Daniels Top 5 Injuries That Derailed Franchises

Here is Marc Daniels top 5 injuries that derailed franchises, a few you'd expect but one was kind of a surprise.

5. Boobie Miles - The movie version of the running back in "Friday Night Lights"...if he never gets hurt, Permian runs the table and easily wins state. The real Miles story is a bit different, but let's not ruin a good movie.

2007 NBA Draft

4. Greg Oden - Top pick in the 2007 Draft and and didn't play until the next season and appeared in just 61 games and then 21 the following year and was gone from Portland. He dominated in college and his injuries set the Blazers back for years

Central Florida v South Florida

3. McKenzie Milton - If he doesn't get hurt, UCF likely wins Fiesta Bowl and could have gone unbeaten again in 2019 and have one of the greatest win streaks in CFB

Football: LA Raiders Bo Jackson #34 in a

2. Bo Jackson - If Jackson doesn't suffer the hip injuries he had, he may have been one of the greatest players in NFL history or baseball players in MLB history. It impacted both Raiders and Royals.  

John Crotty (L) of the Utah Jazz is defended by Gr

1. Grant Hill - Came off the plane on crutches and the injury set the franchise back a decade

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