UCF AD Danny White's Hope for a 12 Game Schedule is a Pipe Dream

I understand that UCF's AD Danny White has to put on a happy face and be optimistic about his school's ability to get a full football schedule in order to bring money in. However, that 12 game season is a pipe dream.

So the AAC announced that it has approved an up to 12 game schedule for their conference, eight conference games and up to four non-conference games.

This means that some teams could play only the conference schedule, while some could end up with a full 12 game slate. UCF is a flashy opponent for non-conference teams. They are a good football team that continues to grow, but unless Danny White is planning on scheduling independents and other group of five schools, 12 games is a long shot.

The Big Ten and SEC announced conference only schedules, ruining any chance of getting even the small name teams in those conferences. The Pac-12 is having a union battle right now, so the outlook for a season is bleak for them right now.

Two power five conferences are having non-conference games, but they are only allowing one non-conference game per team. The Big 12 and the ACC are those conferences. The ACC says that the game must take place in the state of the ACC team, which means Florida State and Miami are on the table, but Miami has already said they will play one of their already announced non-conference games.

So FSU is an option, and then every other team is a big fat question mark, let alone the question mark of if there will actually be a season. So I get it, Danny White needs to be confident, but this seems like too tall a task for the man who brought UCF to where it is today.

What do you think?

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