If MLB Can't Navigate the Coronavirus Neither Can the NFL

Time to have the bigger conversation.

This past week, at least 11 players and coaches for the Miami Marlins contracted the coronavirus and they still played a game after only knowing about less than half. That means that the Phillies could have also been exposed, which means that after only a weekend of play, the Major League Baseball season is in jeopardy.

It's frustrating. Where last week we had a respite from the virus talk, this week we are just as entrenched in it as ever. The fact of the matter is, if baseball can't handle this, we have no reason to believe that the NFL will be able to either.

There are a number of factors behind this. NFL teams are larger, the sport is way more close contact, games are spread out more so players will have more opportunities to get the virus away from the facilities and bring it with them. It's a grim reality, but it's one we need to accept.

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