OPINION: Dak Prescott Feels Slighted by the Cowboys

We know what Dak Prescott has done for the Cowboys since taking over for Tony Romo. A fourth-round pick that has led the team to 2 division titles, 2 Pro Bowl appearances, and saved the team for QB hell. There's been games where Dak looks like one of the best QBs in the game, there's also been times where he looks like an average QB despite the amount of talent around him and one of the best offensive lines.

So here we are. Rookies getting ready to report to training camp and Dak will be playing under the franchise tag this year and potentially even next year as well. I've written before that should that happen, he will leave Dallas and make boat loads of money elsewhere.

Why couldn't either side come to an agreement. Dak has stood firm on his want of a shorter deal so he can cash in when the new television deal raises the salary cap. But one year? Neither side could budge for one year? Of course we know why Dallas wants to sign the Mississippi State product to a longer deal and we know why Dak wants the shorter deal.

But what if there was more?

Just last year, Ezekiel Elliott held out because he wanted a big contract. After some time, the Cowboys signed Zeke to a six-year, $90 million extension, making him the highest paid running back at the time. The team signed Jaylon Smith a year early despite the fact he missed his entire rookie season as he recovered from a torn ACL and MCL that caused him to fall to the second-round. Then there's Amari Cooper, who's only been on the team for a year and a half but he got the deal he wanted with a five-year, $100 million deal (though that is team friendly). Let's not forget the deal that they gave to La'el Collins giving him $35 million in guaranteed money.

Dak sees all these contracts and all this money and guys getting the deals they want but he can't get what he's looking for? He's the one that takes the blame when the team loses, he's the leader of America's Team, he was the underdog who surpassed everybody's expectations.

He won't say this publicly, but I believe after seeing all those deals happen around him, Dak feels disrespected by the Cowboys and that is a big reason why he won't budge off his demands.

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