T.O. to Andy Reid, "Bring me to Kansas City. You know you know me."

Terrell Owens is 46 years old but he's not your average 46 year old. At least when it comes to the kind of shape he's in. Just because he's considered "old" in terms of football age, it doesn't mean T.O. can't still ball.

Owens and Tyreek Hill squared off in a few races including a 40-yard dash and race across an entire football field, a race in which Owens was given a bit of a head start.

The full field race, by the way, was for $1,000.

Hill was clocked in at 4.37 in the 40 with Owens slightly behind him, guesstimated to be in the 4.42 range. That's still unbelievably fast, but not surprising for the Hall-of-Fame receiver.

Out of breath, T.O. had a message for his former coach and Tyreek Hill's current coach, Andy Reid.

"Bring me to Kansas City. You know you know me."

During their season and a half together in Philadelphia, the Eagles went to a Super Bowl during T.O.'s first season. He ended up playing in the Super Bowl on a broken leg and still put up a nine-catch, 122 yard performance against the New England Patriots.

However, their second season together was not quite as successful. T.O. appeared in 7 games. He was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team after comments he made regarding the organization not recognizing his 100th touchdown catch.

While the relationship between the Eagles and T.O. went south, his relationship with Andy Reid has remained strong. He called Reid, "the best head coach" he's ever played for.

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