POLL: Have You Enjoyed Sports the Same Without Fans?

Sports are different this year, that much is certain, but how has your enjoyment of said sports changed?

I may not be as die hard of a sports fan as other people on the sports station but I've watched my fair share of sports. I've enjoyed watching golf without a crowd and I've enjoyed the solid whack of punches in the UFC. The crack of a bat in baseball still has the satisfying sound minus a pop from the fans. It's seemingly normal and my enjoyment is also seemingly normal.

I thought more about this as I read an article from USA Today's For The Win section. In it, Andy Nesbitt writes.

But I have to be honest – I was a bit skeptical about how the viewing experience on TV would be with no fans inside arenas, stadiums, golf courses, etc.
And you know what? It’s been pretty great. Much greater than I had expected and, dare I say, just as enjoyable as ever. Part of that, however, might be because we’ve all been so desperate for sports since the world hit pause on just about everything back in March.

This isn't a question of is sports better without fans because we all know the answer is no, but is your enjoyment the same without the fans? For me, it's a yes, but what do you think? Let us know in the poll below.

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