VIDEO: Rapper Rick Ross Excited for Tua in Miami, Salutes Brady to Tampa

Though he was born in Mississippi, rapper Rick Ross grew up in the northern part of Miami. He's known as a Miami rapper and throughout his career, has sold millions of albums including his first album 'Port of Miami' and his most recent album (released last year) 'Port of Miami 2'.

With that backstory, Ross is also an avid Miami sports fan. Before the NFL Draft, Ross took to Twitter to share his love for the Dolphins, the coach, the direction of the team, and Tua.

Then, during an interview with Good Morning Football on Tuesday morning, Ross shared his reactions to the Dolphins drafting Tua and even saluted TB12 to TB.

It's been sometime since the state of Florida has had an NFL team to be excited about. Now the Bucs have Tom Brady and the Dolphins have Tua. Fun times appear to be ahead.

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