Dan Snyder is the Most Despicable Owner in Sports - He NEEDS to Sell

In a Washington Post exclusive, 15 women came out to talk about the incredible amounts of sexual harassment that they faced while working for the Washington Redskins. In the Post, they talk about how higher ups would grab their butts, talk down to them, and would even say things like, "Who are they going to get rid of? The voice of the Redskins or a $30,000 a year intern?"

For more details, read the whole story HERE.

It is sad to see a professional organization have these kinds of skeletons in the closet. One thing is certain though, Dan Snyder must sell the team. Snyder has had a history of making the wrong decision over and over and over again. The most blatant is his stubborn attitude toward changing the racist nickname for his team, but now with the culture that he allowed to grow being shown, it is as apparent as ever that Dan Snyder must go.

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