If Tiger is in the Hunt Will the Memorial get the Highest Pandemic Ratings?

The pandemic has not been kind to sports. We are now, pun intended, getting back into the swing of things with the PGA getting its biggest star back, NASCAR having races without issue, and the MLS is Back Tournament has started up. Things are looking good, but this weekend could be the best yet.

Tiger Woods is making his return to the PGA after not competing due to safety concerns. He is ready to challenge for victory at the Memorial. So here's the question, will that pop the biggest rating for a sporting event since the pandemic?

Here's what Tiger and the PGA are going against.

  • UFC 249 was bought by over 700,000 people
  • Game one of the MLS is Back Tournament had 490,000 average viewers
  • The PGA's return at the Charles Schwab averaged 3.1 million viewers
  • The Match between Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had 5.8 million viewers
  • NASCAR's return at Darlington had 6.32 million viewers

Can Tiger and the rest of the PGA top these numbers? You tell us in the Twitter poll below.

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