Two Franchise Tags are "Extremely Cash Friendly" - @spotrac

It wasn't that long ago when Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones threatened to holdout as he was searching for a long-term deal. That deal came Tuesday when the Chiefs gave Jones a 4-year deal worth up to $85 million. The Titans and Derrick Henry and the Titans aren't expected to get a long-term deal done by Wednesday's deadline.

Then you have Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys and Dak have been at odds over length and money for over a year now and Mike Ginnitti explains why Dak may be playing the next two years under franchise tags, "Two franchise tags; not only are they not cap friendly, they're extremely cash friendly. They're all about the player when you're the quarterback so he's probably pretty stuck on that right now being double tagged and following the Kirk Cousins path which has worked out pretty well for him so I think it could happen for Dak."

The franchise tag this year for quarterbacks is $31.5 million while next year's tag will be $37.7 million minimum.

Catch the interview with Mike Ginnitti below.

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