Madden Leak Reveals Four Players with 99 Rating

A 99 rating in Madden not only shows that you are the best player at your position, but it also shows that you are one of the all-around best players in the NFL. For Madden 21, only four players achieved the 99 rating.

Those players are Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Stephon Gilmore, and Christian McCaffrey.

Via Sporting News:

The Chiefs quarterback getting 99 overall shouldn't be a surprise. He was also 99 overall in Madden 20 as the cover athlete, and is arguably one of the most talented quarterbacks we've ever seen play.

Rams pass rusher Donald is another player who was 99 overall during the launch of Madden 20. His pass rush skills make him such an elite player, and he's well deserving of back-to-back 99 overall ratings.

Patriots cornerback Gilmore is somewhat of a surprise, but he's definitely deserving of being the best cornerback in Madden. He was a shutdown corner for New England in 2019, and should continue to dominate receivers in the virtual world.

Panthers running back McCaffrey became the youngest player ever to reach 99 overall in Madden 20. He's the complete dual threat running back as he's a dominant pass catcher out of the backfield while also being a force as a runner. His versatility is what helps improve his overall rating into 99.

Players also receive some swag for being apart of the "99 Club."

This year just keeps getting better and better for Mahomes. A Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, a half-a-billion dollar contract, and now a 99 rating in one of the most popular videos games ever created.

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