Bucs LT Donovan Smith Worried About Safety with Return of Football

When you play football, you're always in contact with another person. That makes it a bit difficult to socially distance and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Tampa Bay Bucs left tackle Donovan Smith took to social media and posted a message about his concern on the upcoming NFL season.

Via PFT:

“With the start of the 2020 NFL season fast approaching, many thoughts and questions roam my mind as I’m sure it does for many of my fellow “coworkers” across the league,” he wrote. “The unfortunate events of the COVID-19 pandemic have put a halt to a lot of things. Football is not one. To continue discussing the many UNKNOWNS do not give me the comfort. Risking my health as well as my family's health does not seem like a risk worth taking.

“With my first child due in 3 weeks, I can’t help but think about how will I be able to go to work and take proper precautions around 80+ people everyday to then go home to be with my newborn daughter. How can a sport that requires physical contact on every snap and transferral of all types of bodily fluid EVERY SINGLE PLAY practice safe social distancing? How can I make sure that I don’t bring COVID-19 back to my household?

“Yes, we can get tested everyday, but if it takes 24 hours to get my results, how can I know each day that I am not spreading this virus or contracting it? The reoccurring issue here is how? There are too many “hows” that have yet to be answered to ease player concerns and ensure the safety of not only myself, but also my family. I just can’t imagine how the game will be the same during these unprecedented times. Now to hear that 35% of my paycheck may be withheld while we are out sacrificing our health and wellness for the joy and entertainment of everyone else who will be safe at home in front of their TVs? Something isn’t right here. That should at LEAST warrant a pay raise due to the risk, not a cut. I am not a lab rat or guinea pig to test theories on. I am a man, a son, brother, soon to be father, and I deserve to be safe at work.”

The Bucs are going into this season with lofty expectations after signing Tom Brady and trading for Rob Gronkowski. Smith did not say that he would sit out this season but it has to be on his mind as well as the minds of other players and the NFL.

J.J. Watt said he would likely sit out if the league required face shields.

These are times of uncertainty and with Florida being a hotspot for coronavirus cases in the country, Smith likely isn't the only player who has this same train of thought.

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