200 Meter Dash World Record Thrown Out After Athlete Only Ran 185 Meters

The Inspiration Games are a global games with competitors competing against each other in their own countries. Instead of bringing these world class athletes together to race head to head, they compete at their own track and compare times in real time. This means some strange things can happen.

Maybe one athlete is running into a strong headwind while another one has the wind going the opposite way. Maybe someone will have a clear, sunshine filled day while the other has a gloomy sky.

Or maybe someone will start in the wrong lane.

That is what happened for former Olympian Noah Lyles. Lyles ran a blazing World Record 200m dash, 18.90 seconds. It would have demolished the previous 19.19 second world record, but the time was immediately challenged.

Turns out, Lyles started in the wrong lane, meaning instead of running a 200m dash, he ran a 185m dash.

The world record was immediately revoked, obviously.

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