Should All Leagues Get Rid of the National Anthem like MLS?

MLS started off their return to play with a bang thanks to a great game between Orlando City and Inter Miami, ending with the home town Orlando City getting the 2-1 win. While that is a great story, there was something that was missing from the normal sports festivities, the national anthem.

After much controversy over players kneeling, protesting, standing and all of that, the MLS decided that they will no longer play the national anthem at the start of games. Don Garber, MLS commissioner also said that because there were no fans in attendance, it didn't seem necessary to play and line teams up before the game.

It is unknown if this will continue once fans return.

Is this the solution for sports leagues around the country? Should the NFL, MLB, NBA and others move away from the national anthem? Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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