Blue Jay's Catcher Gets Slap on Wrist for Public Masturbation Case

Reese McGuire is a catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. He hasn't played in very many games but he does have seven major league home runs to his credit. He also has a public indecency charge against him from 2013 that just got finished up.

In February in Dunedin, FL, close to the Blue Jays' spring training facility, Reese McGuire was caught masturbating in his car in a public parking lot. According to TMZ sports,

Blue Jays player Reese McGuire is breathing easier heading into the MLB's rebooted season ... the catcher just cut a plea deal with prosecutors in his public masturbation case, and received nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

McGuire was facing up to a year in prison and hefty fines, but instead will only have to pay fines and court fees.

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