Should NASCAR Sever Ties with President Trump After Bubba Wallace Tweets?

Don't bring politics into sports. Don't bring politics into sports. DON'T BRING POLITICS INTO SPORTS.

*checks Twitter*


President Trump, with that tweet, has forced NASCAR into a sticky situation. That tweet is in reference to the Bubba Wallace noose situation where, long story short, they found a noose like rope in his garage that was a horrible set of coincidences and not a hate crime. NASCAR handled that situation by showing unity and togetherness with Wallace's team and acted swiftly to figure out what actually happened.

For more details on that story CLICK HERE.

But now NASCAR has a choice to make. Do they acknowledge the President's tweets and continue to strongly back their driver? Do they ignore the tweet and wait for it to blow over? Do they cut ties with the Trump over this? We've already seen one driver respond to the tweet in question.

We've also seen Bubba Wallace respond and Beats by Dre announce a deal making Wallace an endorser of the brand.

So what do you think? Let your opinion be heard in the Twitter Poll below!

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