Noose Found in Bubba Wallace's Garage - Can NASCAR Overcome Racist Past?

Bubba Wallace is NASCAR's only black driver and he's been in the limelight since the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests began. NASCAR'S history of racism has been well documented but recent months have shown a zero tolerance policy that, to their credit, NASCAR has enforced whole heartedly.

That's why what was found in Bubba Wallace's garage is so shocking. He found a noose.

Bubba Wallace responded on Twitter.

This comes only a few weeks after Bubba Wallace worked and succeeded in getting NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from its racetracks. Outside of the track, many people drove around with the flag attached to their vehicles, while none were seen inside the track itself.

As for who could have done this heinous crime, the infield had a very limited number of people allowed in. This means the investigation could be a successful one.

But with all of this, NASCAR's past is rearing its ugly head one more time. Can they move past it? You tell us in the poll below.

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