UCF and FSU Football Players Contract COVID-19 - How Concerned Are You?

It's been made public that of the 60 athletes that are currently practicing at UCF, three of them tested positive for the coronavirus and are currently in quarantine for the next two weeks. This comes after initially having zero positive tests for the virus.

UCF isn't the only college to have this pop up. FSU also has at least one case of the virus, but is not giving an exact number to help hide the identity of the person or people with the virus.

The Florida Gators have not reported any coronavirus cases yet at this time.

UCF AD Danny White said in a news release, "Our plan and protocols are working. We will continue working through our medical processes, as this initial testing phase allows us to respond appropriately.”

Only weeks after starting up practices, we are seeing some COVID cases. Does this concern you as we move closer to the planned college football season? Let us know on the Twitter poll below.

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