Gerald McCoy Cheering For His Former Team to Go Undefeated Until Playoffs

Gerald McCoy is entering his first year with the Dallas Cowboys after signing a three year deal earlier this offseason. Prior to his arrival in Dallas, he spent last year in Carolina and the previous nine with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

During his interview yesterday with Colin Cowherd, McCoy hit on a number of topics including who his favorite players were growing up (Warren Sapp, Leon Lett) advantages to playing for the Dallas Cowboys, and what he is hoping to see from his former team.

From PFT:

“For me, I’m a lifelong Bucs fan. OK? And until we have to play them, I’m always going to root for the Bucs,” McCoy said Tuesday on Colin Cowherd, via RJ Ochoa of ESPN San Antonio. “I’m just telling you that. I hope they go undefeated and then they lose to us in the playoffs. I’m going to be honest. I’m a lifelong Bucs fan. One of my best friends is Lavonte David. I believe he deserves all the TV time he’s going to get. I believe he’s very, very underrated. I’m excited for all of them to get all of the publicity they deserve. I believe that Tom Brady can be what they need, and I hope they win, man. I really do. I hope everything that happens except the Super Bowl, because that’s for us.”

Gerald McCoy will get a chance to face his former team as a member of the Cowboys in 2021 when the Cowboys come to Tampa.

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