In The Zone 'Fix at Six' Blog: NIT Style Tournament for No. 1 Pick?

By now well know that the NBA is returning to action on July 31st with 22 of 30 teams in the league coming to Orlando. These will be the first games played since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the other eight teams, they won't be playing until the start of the next season which right now is tentatively set for December 1st. Atlanta Hawks owner told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, "Nine months is too long without organized basketball."

So why not play a tournament? The NCAA holds an NIT tournament for teams that were not good enough to make the top 64. The NBA could have a tournament for these eight teams with the "winner" getting rewarded with the No. 1 pick. Moving forward, the NBA could still have this tournament where the "winner" still gets the No.1 pick, it would just involve the other teams that did not make the playoffs.

Chris also touches on a bit of running back news involving Dalvin Cook. Catch the IG Live video above.

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