Bruce Arians on Tua: "You Don't Learn Anything Holding a Clipboard"

Bucs coach Bruce Arians chimed in on the Dolphins QB situation saying he would start rookie Tua Tagovailoa — if he’s healthy — over longtime veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick.

These were his comments from a recent radio interview in Alabama:

“I think it all depends on his health; if he’s healthy, I’m playing him,” Arians told 100.9 FM in Alabama, via

“I don’t think you learn anything holding a clipboard,” Arians added. “You know, I had Peyton Manning his first year, Andrew Luck his first year, Ben (Roethlisberger) was one of those guys that went in by accident because Tommy Maddox got hurt. You miss all the practice reps, you miss the game reps. I don’t know what you learn holding a clipboard watching.”

Doctors have said that Tua's hip should be healthy by the time the team gets to training camp. I'm sure the Phins will want to bring him along slowly, I just wonder how long Dolphins fans will be willing to wait.

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