The NBA May Come to Disney, But Why Should Orlando Sports Fans Care?

So, it’s no secret now, the NBA is planning to return…and they will likely do it @ Disney World. This is something that has some people all excited…people I work with, friends, relatives…all juiced up about this. And I’m like, why?! They might as well be in Vancouver, its not like we can go…So, I wanted to pose this question to you, the audience…is this something for us to be excited about in this town? Should we care, should we take pride in it, should we be excited that the NBA is having a party in our back yard, and we’re not invited?

The simple answer is, no. Why would I be excited about a party I can’t go to? And if your thinking, “well, isn’t it just cool that famous NBA players are going to be in our city, I mean, all of them?!”…It’s not like your going to see LeBron and AD walking around your local Publix. They’ll be bubbled in. Disney will effectively be that room that your parents wouldn’t let you go in growing up. Nothing to see here!

But. It’s more complex than that…And when you peel it back, I actually do think its pretty cool that we are at the epicenter of the return to basketball. Not because we can go and soak it all in, while the league shuts everybody else out. But because of history. We will forever be part of the NBA history books. For better or worse, this is the most unique basketball season in the history of the league, and the champion will be crowned in Orlando. That’s probably something we should take pride in.

Dwayne Wade "Goes to Disney World!"

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