Tom Brady Text to Sean Payton, "You guys are the favorites"

Tom Brady has been favored in his last 74 regular season starts, a streak that looks like it will be coming to an end when the Bucs travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints in week one of the 2020 season.

During an Instagram Live session with Kay Adams (KA) of the NFL Network, Saints head coach Sean Payton (SP) talked about some of the back-and-forth he's had with the new Bucs quarterback.


SP: I did happen to notice a Tampa Bay practice at a high school just two days ago. I was proud of the Tampa Bay parks department for kicking Tom (Brady) out of the recreation field.

KA: Are you sure you didn't make that phone call, coach? 

SP: Well ... I've got it on speed dial. Yeah, Tampa Week 1, though. We want to quiet the canons. That's what I text Tom. I said 'Hashtag keep the canons quiet.' We've known each other for years.

KA: What does he write back to that when you send him that?

SP: Oh, he laughs. He says 'You guys are the favorites. We're the underdogs.' Blah blah blah.

The Bucs and Saints square off in week one in New Orleans and then again in week nine at Raymond James Stadium.