NFL Players Plead Not Guilty to Armed Robberies - Witnesses Recant Stories

This story was weird to begin with, but it has had a couple new twists and turns. DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have plead not guilty to charges of armed robbery in Miramar, FL. They were arrested after allegedly robbing 15-20 people at a party at gun point. They stole their jewelry and other belongings.

However according to ESPN writer Cameron Wolfe:

In the coming weeks, the state attorney's office will decide whether to go forward toward trial in each NFL player's case. The burden of proof falls on the state, which saw its four victims recant their story to police in sworn affidavits to Grieco within 36 hours of the event. A fifth person, identified as witness Dominic Johnson, also signed an affidavit saying the players weren't culpable of the alleged crime. Baker's attorney Bradford Cohen said he has similar affidavits clearing his client, including some that haven't been presented to the state, for "a little strategic defense issue" in the event this case goes forward. The prosecutor found it "suspect" that the witnesses recanted within 36 hours.

This story got Mike and Austin talking on Open Mike. How much would it take to get you to recant your story?

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