Vince McMahon Fired XFL Commissioner Over Signing ex-Gator Antonio Callaway

There are hundreds of stories about Vince McMahon that seem positively insane. The steak wrap story, the suspending Titus O'Neil story, and many more, but this one is just sort of odd. In court documents about former commissioner of the XFL Oliver Luck's lawsuit against McMahon, McMahon claims that Luck signed Antonio Callaway, former Gator, without telling him about his troubled past.

“At the same time Luck advised McMahon of Callaway’s signing, he requested that McMahon revisit a prior decision not to sign another player who had been banned from his college campus due to a sexual assault allegation, which McMahon refused to reconsider,” the claim states. “On January 13, 2020, Luck advised McMahon that one of the XFL’s teams had claimed Callaway but did not disclose any of Callaway’s many instances of known misconduct. On January 16, 2020, Callaway signed his contract to join the Tampa Bay Vipers. Luck countersigned the contract on January 23, 2020.”

For more on this CLICK HERE to read the Tampa Bay Times article by Eduardo Encina.

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