Armando Galarraga Wants Blown Perfect Game Overturned

Officially in baseball, 23 pitchers have thrown perfect games. That list should have one more added to it.

Here's the video of Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga securing the final out but first base umpire Jim Joyce calling the runner safe back on June 2nd of 2010. (Fast forward to the 4:54 mark)

Joyce recognized immediately that he had blown the call and kept Galarraga from the perfect game saying that he "kicked the s**t out of that call".

The missed call sparked a friendship of sorts between the two and they even wrote a book together called, wait for it...'Nobody's Perfect.'

10 years later, Galarraga wants MLB to overturn that safe call.

Via The Athletic:

“I was like, what can I do to have a better finish to the story?” Galarraga says. “How can Major League Baseball give me the perfect game? Because it was perfect, right?”

In that same article, Joyce agreed, “I agree with him,” Joyce says. “I agree. Because he did it.”

There are missed calls in sports, it happens. Look back to the Saints/Rams playoff game a couple years ago for your most recent, notable missed call. While Joyce did get the call wrong, it should not be overturned. We are all human and we make mistakes, we can't re-write history after every missed call.

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