Tua and Patrick Queen Buy Cars for Mother's Day; Ignore Byron Jones' Advice

Whenever rookies get their first paycheck, they tend to spoil mom first for all of her sacrifices. That's exactly what Ravens rookie linebacker, Patrick Queen, did on Mother's Day.

Queen bought his mom a shiny, new Range Rover.

Queen is not alone when it comes to buying his mom an expensive new car for Mother's Day. The Dolphins future franchise quarterback Tua Tagovailoa bought his mom a new Cadillac Escalade.

New Dolphins corner Byron Jones warned rookies just a few weeks ago about doing just this.

While a new Escalade or Range Rover is an extremely nice gift, Jones is right. These guys haven't even signed their rookie deals yet and are already spending close to $100k on new cars.

Again, nice gifts and a great way to show their mom's how appreciative they are for Mother's Day but Jones put out that advice for a reason and he isn't wrong about it.

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