In The Zone Fix at Six Blog: Does Scottie Pippen Have a Right to be Upset?

Scottie Pippen is getting ridiculed today after the latest episode of 'The Last Dance' documentary that shows him taking himself out in the final seconds in a playoff game against the Knicks because he was not going to get the final shot. Phil Jackson drew a play for then rookie Toni Kukoc to get the last shot and that did not sit well with Pippen.

Chris explains that while just quitting on your team is unforgivable, Pippen does have a right to be mad because he was the leader of that team while Kukoc was a rookie. Kravitz disagrees and says that Pippen has no right to be mad.

The guys also discuss Dolphins rookie Tua Tagovailoa and Ravens rookie Patrick Queen buying expensive vehicles for their mothers for Mother's Day and going against the advice of veteran Byron Jones.

Video is below.

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