Was Don Shula the Most Impactful Sports Figure in Florida History?


Don Shula was the man. The only coach to lead an NFL team to an undefeated season, won four coach of the year awards (most of anyone), and he made some damn fine steaks. Shula is the reason many people are Dolphins fans to this day. He passed away on Monday at the age of 90 years old.

The state of Florida has plenty of amazing coaches that have taught the game of football in its borders and Shula was maybe the greatest of them all. That got us at Open Mike thinking, is he the most impactful sports figure ever in Florida?

There are strong cases to be made about Bobby Bowden, a hall of famer with two national championships, and Steve Spurrier, a two time hall of famer with a national championship, but does Don Shula take the cake?

You decide.

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