The Mountain v The Beast: World Record Deadlifters to Fight in Boxing Match

Is this Austin Pistulka's dream scenario?

Yes. Yes it is.

Hafthor Bjornsson set a world record in the deadlift over the weekend at 501kg or 1104 lbs, beating the previous world record, held by Eddie Hall, by a single kilogram. Though, it did look like Hafthor could've done way more.

This event was hyped up for weeks after the original competition where this was supposed to happen was canceled due to the coronavirus. The fact that this didn't happen in a competition setting has been a hot debate by strongman competitors like Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall. Both have come out saying that the competition setting makes lifting more difficult and they disagree with how it was done via a live stream.

Now after all has been said and done, and the record has been broken, we all thought the story was over.

Turns out it is far from over.

Hafthor announced immediately after that he and Eddie Hall will be fighting in a boxing match. Yup. The two greatest deadlifters of all-time will throw hands inside a boxing ring. The hype level is over 1000 in the strongman community.

Watch Eddie Hall talk about the fight from his YouTube channel.

No date has been announced for the fight yet, but it is reportedly a seven figure contract.

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