Bulls/Pistons of the 90's Not Alone in Exhibiting Poor Sportsmanship in NBA

The video below is getting A LOT of play ever since this Sunday's airing of the Last Dance documentary. The Bulls finally climbed over the mountain of the big bad Pistons in 1991, on their way to their first NBA Finals appearance. Detroit infamously DID NOT shake hands with Chicago and predictably, sports fans are pissed like this happened yesterday.

Below is the video in question and beneath that is a compilation of poor sportsmanship we've seen over the years in the NBA.

Also, Chris Broussard mentioned that the story was taken out of context:

But what they failed to mention was that the day before, Michael Jordan had said at practice that the Pistons were undeserving champions and ‘bad for basketball.’ So Isiah Thomas and the Pistons are looking at it like ‘not only are they going to beat us, but they’re trying to wipe away what we did, and that we weren’t legit.’ Full story here.

Michael Jordan #23

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