WWE Congratulates Gronk, Reminds Him of 24/7 Belt

Rob Gronkowski shocked the world when he came out of retirement. The Patriots then shocked the world when the dealt him to the Tampa Bay Bucs for a fourth-round pick. Gronk had sat out all of last year and said that he would come out of retirement but only to play with Tom Brady. Well that's now happening and it's happening in Tampa.

Prior to this shocking turn of events, Gronk was apart of the Wrestelmania 36 festivities. He was serving as a guest host when he jumped off the podium where the broadcast was to pin the then 24/7 champion, Mojo Rawley.

Since winning the title, Gronk has not appeared on any WWE programming but they have not forgotten about him, sending out a congratulatory tweet Tuesday night.

Just imagine, Gronk one day after a Bucs practice (whenever that may be) and someone comes up and just drop kicks him and pins to claim the 24/7 title. Would the Bucs allow something like that to happen? Maybe. Or maybe the Bucs play it out a bit and have some of Gronk's new teammates or even Tom Brady come to his aide should an "unsuspecting" attack occur.

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