@BrandonKravitz Recaps Night One of the Last Dance Documentary

My review...

Last night’s Jordan documentary was incredible to watch. What was almost as amazing as the documentary itself is the fact that, I go on twitter as the show is wrapping up, and every single tweet I see is about this show. People are live tweeting this like it’s a real sporting event. We are reliving the glory days on Michael Jordan, and because it was so well done, and because we have nothing else tangible to care about right now in sports. For 2 hours last night, it truly felt like we were watching Jordan in his prime, through a lens that we’ve never seen before.

If we can pause there and just appreciate sports fandom for a moment…I think when sports went away, we just assumed sports fandom would die down, and then it would reignite when live sports returned. Not the case. We’ve seen in our market, numbers haven’t dropped, they’ve actually gone up. We see the reaction to a documentary, you’d think we’re watching the finals. You see the constant debate about an upcoming draft, the replays shown around the clock on tv networks, or radio rebroadcasts like the ones we give you.

Something I’ve learned during this pandemic, sports can stop on a dime, without notice. Sports fans never stop being sports fans. Its in our blood. And that is more evident now than its ever been. You haven’t stopped caring, you just shift your focus, and your passion remains. I love it.

Back to the GOAT…

Here were my top takeaways from night one:

1.MJ makes me feel bad for anything I’ve ever quit before in my life…the guy is such a hard worker, so laser focused. And a lot of that competitiveness came from a strick dad and brothers who wouldn’t take it easy on him, as a kid he was molded to become the guy that he eventually became.

2.If I’m the owner of the Bulls, Jerry Rinesdorf…And my shrimp of a GM says, hey, I’m going to rebuild…I say no. Hard no. New plan.

3.Scottie Pippen was robbed! I don’t want to hear that he signed the contract, pay the man. This is a great example of pay the people who help you get to where you are. Yes, legally he had no leg to stand on. 7 years 18 mill. 4 mill a year. 6th highest paid player on the team and 122 in the NBA in 1997! That’s what Leonard Fournette makes. They haven’t gotten to this part yet, but he eventually signs a 5 year 67 million dollar contract with the Rockets.

4.MJ’s performance vs Boston in the 1st round of the playoffs in 1986. 49 points in game 1. They lose. 123-104. 63 points in game 2! 135-131 loss. Obviously tired by game 3, 18 points 8-18. To do that against the Boston Celtics in year 2 of his career, while also not playing most of the year. If you are ever trying to explain why he’s great, start with this.

5.I’m sure they’ll get to this. But stars are important, do you know what the Bulls record was the year after the last dance? 13-37. Coached by Tim Floyd. Best players: Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Brent Barry, and Randy Brown.

Listen for more review today @ 4pm!

Michael Jordan #23

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