RANKING: @BrandonKravitz Ranks the Best State of Florida Jersey's

All these new jersey reveals have Kravitz all revved up, because nothing stirs the pot among sports fans like some new threads. So, it begs the question...which jersey combos are the best in State history? Ranking revealed:

Number 10: Bucs Creamsicle

Number 9: Jaguars 90's

Number 8: UCF Space theme

Number 7: Florida 'F'

Number 6: The "U" Black

Number 5: FSU old-school

Number 4: Miami Heat 'Vice'

Number 3: Original Magic Pinstripe

Number 2: The FLORIDA Marlins

Number 1: 70's Miami Dolphins

I know you'll have something to say, hit me up @BrandonKravitz on Twitter/IG!

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