Bill Cowher Likes the Fit of Jameis Winston and the Steelers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams

Jameis Winston leaves Tampa Bay with a 28-42 record. He also holds the franchise records for most career passing yards and passing touchdowns as well as most single season passing yards and touchdowns. He also underwent offseason LASIK surgery to improve his vision.

Yet there hasn't been much, if any, talks of Winston landing a new job. Regardless of where he does land, it would most likely be in a backup capacity with the only way for him to see any playing time is if the starter gets hurt. The Chargers and Patriots have been rumored landing spots for both Winston and Cam Newton but the Chargers seem content with Tyrod Taylor and then drafting their franchise guy while the Patriots appear to be sticking with Jarrett Stidham, for now.

But what about the Pittsburgh Steelers?

I'll admit that I never thought of them as a potential landing spot for Winston. They went 8-8 despite Ben Roethlisberger missing 14 and a half games and trotting out guys like Mason Rudolph and Devlin "Duck" Hodges. Now they are getting Big Ben back and appear to be content with their set of quarterbacks that also includes Paxton Lynch.

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher likes the idea of Jameis Winston in Pittsburgh. Appearing earlier this week on "Boomer and Gio", Cowher was asked about the potential of a Winston/Steelers pair up, "I think it would be a great fit, only from the standpoint that I kinda sense where Pittsburgh is going with this football team."

Of course, there are reasons that Cowher also mentioned for why he doesn't believe Winston will end up in Pittsburgh saying that he doesn't see him taking a backup role at a minimum salary and that Winston believes he is still a starter in the NFL.

For now, it seems like all 32 starting positions are filled, with maybe only the Patriots possibly still on the market for a starter. The NFL Draft will also clog things up from a backup sense.

Both Winston and Newton are starters in this league but with seemingly no jobs available, do they take a backup role? Do they sit out a whole year? Or do they just sit and wait for their opportunity?

Injuries happen all the time. Maybe it's best for them to just be patient.


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