VIDEO: Tua Posts Hype Video Detailing His Difficult Journey to Draft Day

Tua Tagovailoa, a presumed top 5 pick on draft day, posts a hype video where he shows off his skill and clearly shows that he's listening to all his 'haters' out there as well.

Joe Burrow has been the obvious choice at #1 to the Bengals from the beginning, making Tua the most talked about prospect in this year's draft by a landslide. And for good reason, he's got all the skills you could want @ the QB position, and he's got an injury history that makes you question his durability. Those facts make him a very tough grade for us in the media, and it also makes for a compelling conversation. A conversation, that quite frankly, Tua and his team are listening to.

Add to that, he's gone through all this rehab while not being able to show teams how far he's come due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a wild ride and Tua details it in this video he shared on his social media accounts.

Watch below:

LSU v Alabama

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