The Last 15 NFL 1st Overall Picks: The List Will Likely Not Impress You

The Dolphins are currently seeking out the 1st overall draft pick, and while Burrow might be great, the recent history of #1 overall picks leaves a lot to the imagination.

Now, it should be noted: Every year is different and Joe Burrow truly does look like a flawless prospect, at least he did last season. So, this one might hit...but history is history and this isn't pretty. Here's a list of the last 15 #1 overall picks in the NFL Draft:

2005- Alex Smith

2006- Mario Williams

2007- JaMarcus Russell

2008- Jake Long

2009- Matt Stafford

2010- Sam Bradford

2011- Cam Newton

2012- Andrew Luck

2013- Eric Fisher

2014- Jadeveon Clowney

2015- Jameis Winston

2016- Jared Goff

2017- Myles Garrett

2018- Baker Mayfield

2019- Kyler Murray

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