NBA May Play Games in 2 Different Cities to Complete '19-20 Season

The NBA is desperate to find a way to finish the season amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, will this latest idea from the league office be good enough to get the remainder of the season off the ground?

I have been of the belief that there is NO WAY the NBA season is played, it just doesn’t make any sense…the annual schedule will be knocked off the tracks entirely if they try to get the season going in mid to late June…Well, here’s the latest idea as the NBA continues to try to come up with anything that can keep the almighty dollar afloat…(Full story @

The NBA is hoping to salvage the remainder of its 2019-20 season despite the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems certain at this point that things will look a lot different if the league does resume play this year.

One aspect of the coronavirus outbreak that could complicate things for the NBA is that different cities are being impacted at different times. While the peak of the outbreak could be a few weeks away, it may be significantly longer for COVID-19 case numbers to start decreasing in other parts of the country. Because of that, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst says the NBA may have to consider picking two different cities in which to hold games, practices and all other activities related to the season.

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