If Dak Becomes the Highest Paid, He'll Pass the Following NFL Names...

A deal between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott seems to be right around the corner, and the reports say it'll be the largest contract in the NFL. So, who would he be passing @ the top of the list?

Let's first take a look @ the news story:

A Prescott extension is not yet imminent, but a source informed ESPN.com’s Ed Werder the Cowboys quarterback will exit these talks as the NFL’s highest-paid player (Twitter link). These talks are not contentious, per Werder, who adds that since the NFL has postponed teams’ offseason programs, no team deadline exists to conclude these discussions. More @ MSN.com

According to Spotrac.com the following players are the highest paid in the NFL, in terms of total dollars, annual salary, and guaranteed money:

Total dollars top 5:

  1. Matt Ryan (150 million)
  2. Khalil Mack (141 million)
  3. Russell Wilson (140 million)
  4. Jimmy G (137.5 million)
  5. Matt Stafford (135 million)

Average annual salary top 5:

  1. Russell Wilson (35)
  2. Big Ben (34)
  3. Aaron Rodgers (33.5)
  4. Jared Goff (33.5)
  5. Kirk Cousins (33)

Guaranteed money top 5:

  1. Matt Ryan (94)
  2. Aaron Rodgers (79.2)
  3. Russell Wilson (70)
  4. Carson Wentz (66.4)
  5. Julio Jones (64)
Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

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