Could Julian Edelman be one of the players trying to join the Bucs?

Reports came out yesterday that there are players around the NFL calling the Bucs because of their desire to join Tom Brady on his quest for another ring, could one of them be his former running mate, Julian Edelman?

Once this story came out, I immediately began combing through the different options out there. I started thinking of free-agents, guys like Dion Lewis. But, the report never did specify that it was ONLY free-agent players. And, it makes sense that Edelman would want to play with the guy who made him a household name.

Edelman has 599 career catches in the regular season and another 118 in the post season, 99% of those were caught off Tom Brady passes. Never-mind the 3 Super Bowl rings and the 1 SB MVP award. So yeah, there might be some attachment there.

And then there's this! The tweet 'like' heard round the football world. Football legend, Deion Sanders said in a tweet that Edelman would be smart to push for a trade, and Edelman liked the tweet! Check it out...

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