With No Sports To Bet On, Bovada Now Allows You To Bet on WEATHER!

From @BrandonKravitz:

We'll leave any judgements for another day, but it goes without saying, people missing betting on games. Well, a popular betting website has stepped up and given you something new to make wagers on. Weather!

That's right Bovada.lv now allows you to predict the weather and profit off of it. Read more below from TMZ.com

Bovada-- one of the country's leading online sportsbooks -- tells TMZ ... since pro sporting events, games and seasons have been canceled or postponed -- their customers are laying wagers on the site's "Weather Betting" channel. It's way less complicated than typical sports bets ... which may be a good or bad thing.

The vast majority of Bovada's weather bets are simply about the temperature in a particular U.S. city. For instance, will it be over or under a certain degree on an upcoming day. In L.A., the line is set at 61 degrees for March 18. The odds for over or under that temp are equal ... if you lay down $120 and you're on the correct side of the thermometer, you'll win $100.

Long story short, there's no favorite or underdog -- ya just gotta guess right! Now, we're not saying you're a degenerate gambler if you're wagering money on Friday's weather in Billings, Montana, but ... y'know.

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