Despite cancelling the rest of the season, XFL will still pay players

The XFL completed half of their 10-week schedule before deciding to cancel the rest of the season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The regular season was set to end on April 12th followed by two weeks of postseason play and there is no word whether the league plans on attempting to conduct a postseason.

While the players won't be playing games, they will still be getting paid. Players will get their base pay and benefits while fans will be given refunds or credit to future games. On top of getting their pay, players will also have the ability to try and sign with NFL teams after they pass exit physicals on Friday. Players were required to wait until after the playoffs before attempting to sign with an NFL team.

The XFL released a statement Thursday.

The XFL is run by WWE owner Vince McMahon. The WWE said in a statement Thursday that they would "remain committed" to holding Wrestlemania 36 at Raymond James Stadium on April 5th.

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