Podcast: No real comparison for Zion Williamson says @DanFeldmanNBA

Zion-Mania has engulfed the NBA. He's must watch TV and he's only played 14 NBA games in his career.

Tuesday night, he went up against LeBron James for the first time and LeBron got the better of Zion, both individually and team wise as LBJ dropped 40 to Zion's 29 and the Lakers ended up getting the win.

Many people compare Zion to LeBron. Dan Feldman explains that there really isn't a great comparison for Zion but if he had to pick a player, past or present, it would be Charles Barkley.

Dan Feldman hits on a variety of NBA topics including the value in the Orlando Magic striving to get the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race and you can listen to the podcast below.


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