Podcast: Are Magic fans still enjoying the journey to the playoffs?

While nothing is definitive yet, the Magic appear to be in line to make the playoffs for the second consecutive year. They will probably make it as a 7-seed or an 8-seed.

Kravitz starts to compare the Magic's journey to the playoffs this year to the shelf life of a gallon of milk. He says that the Magic making the playoffs is great and these games in February are fun because they matter but how long will it be fun? What is the shelf life for games in February being fun before fans want to see more?

"It's like a gallon of milk. I don't care what the date says on the bottle, I never know what the proper shelf life is. And for the Magic right now, I don't know what the shelf life is. Are fans already over it, now two years in to what is playoff mode for the Magic?"

Stefan and CV make a case that fans should still care about these games and to enjoy them because before last year, it was six years of bottom dwelling.

Catch the entire discussion here.


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