Podcast: "I think this will be his last year." - @LarryHolder on Drew Brees

Drew Brees posted a photo on Instagram saying he was coming back to the Saints. It is unclear how long the Saints will stick with Brees or even how long Brees wants to continue to play for. He turned 41 in January and has a lot of wear-and-tear on his body.

Larry Holder believes that it will just be a one year thing for Brees.

With Brees coming back, that has a ripple effect on the other quarterbacks as well. Both Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater are also free agents but Larry points out that Bridgewater is the one who will be gone and he only would have possibly come back had Brees retired.

Larry did have some nice words about Teddy Bridgewater calling him the "anti-Jameis Winston".

You can listen to the entire podcast with Larry holder below.

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