Podcast: $24 million per year is too low for Philip Rivers says @spotrac

Philip Rivers has spent his entire career with the San Diego / Los Angeles Chargers and the team has already come out and said they will not re-sign him. Philip has already packed up his family and moved them all the way down to Florida where the Bucs have instantly become a rumored destination for him to play.

How much could Philip be looking at? Mike Ginnitti shared his thoughts on In The Zone saying, "It's a big range. Calculation wise, he comes in around $24 million. I've heard people say "that's crazy" and I think that's probably too low. I think if there's 2 or 3 teams looking for his services, this thing could get to 30 (million dollars). It would be short-term obviously."

Mike also talked about what the Cowboys could be looking to do with the 'Tom Brady to Dallas' rumors being thrown around.

You can catch the entire podcast with Mike Ginnitti and see how much he thinks the free agent quarterbacks will make below.

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